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Make Your Landscaping Shine By Avoiding These Mistakes

Don't ruin your curb appeal with bad landscaping. Here are simple ways you can avoid the most common mistakes.

It's easy to make landscaping mistakes; just ask professional gardeners who have learned the hard way and, over time, have profited from the knowledge their mistakes have provided them. Similarly, as you have begun a big landscaping redo in that home you bought from Tuscaloosa homes for sale, we can point out a few of the major mistakes to avoid.

Our real estate agents get a lot of feedback from homeowners on mistakes made indoors and outdoors, so read on and learn what not to do.

Landscaping Snafus: Avoid These at All Costs

  1. Don't plant invasives.
    Certain plants are just bad news in the landscape. What does it take to make it to the "Do Not Plant" list for Tuscaloosa? Just about anything that's considered invasive is a big no. For instance, bamboo is inclined to take off and take over in our warm, wet climate. Privet and honeysuckle are also verboten, as are Cherokee, MacCartney, and Multiflora roses.

  2. Don't plant trees and bushes that are the wrong size.
    When planning a major redo of your landscape, it's a good idea to rough it all out on graph paper or even in computer software designed for the purpose. Planting trees? Plan for how they will grow and throw shade on any other plantings. (Plants need sun!) Also, think how they will affect your roofline.

    The same goes for bushes. Plant more compact, easier-to-care-for forms in the back, and perennials and annuals in front.

  3. Resist the temptation to just stick any plant in the ground (just because it was on sale at the big box store).
    Plan how plantings will look. Plan your color combinations. Some landscapers recommend contrasting hot and cold colors (say, fiery orange or bright yellow with blues and purples). Likewise, think about textures and hues of green and gray. Again, sketching and in this case, coloring, can help give you a sense of how it will look.

  4. Take it easy with the gravel.
    Granted, gravel isn't as popular in the Southeast as it is in the Southwest due to the fact we usually have abundant rainfall, but if you decide to go for a bit of xeriscaping, know that gravel can be a pain. First, it's really hot and can throw off heat that may scorch tender plants. Further, gravel is usually applied with a layer of weed barrier — which works fine the first year or so, but then accumulates dirt that becomes a growing medium for weed seed.

  5. Take it easy with the mulch.
    Yes, mulch is great for keeping moisture in the ground, so the plant thrives — but only when you refrain from mounding it around the trunks of trees and bushes. Leave a few inches of space around the plant, or you could damage it.

  6. Don't forget to water trees and bushes.
    Even in Tuscaloosa, we can have dry times — particularly in the winter. While you may remember to water perennials and annuals, don't forget to water trees and shrubs at least every six weeks in times of low rainfall.

  7. Deadhead perennials, annuals and blooming shrubs.
    Nipping off spent blooms before they turn to seed will prevent the plant's energy from going to making seed. That way, you'll have more prolific blooms.

  8. Cut back on fertilizing in the hot summer months.
    Over-fertilizing can not only burn your plants but may cause too much late-season growth. That, in turn, can leave the plants vulnerable to winter weather.

We're always happy to advise you on how renovating your home, inside or outside, will add value to your property. Contact us today.


Tuscaloosa Restaurants For Great Wine And Dinner

Tuscaloosa is full of places for a great dining experience. Here's where you should make a reservation your next night out.

You made a great choice when you bought a home from Tuscaloosa homes for sale, getting good value and a beautiful home in the bargain. Perhaps you checked out the local amenities for good schools, shopping, places of worship, entertainment, and dining before you decided on your home. If so, you know there's a lot to enjoy within a short driving distance.

If you're planning on listing your Tuscaloosa home for sale, you might ask your real estate agent to mention some of your favorite Tuscaloosa restaurants known for pairing wine with dinner to potential buyers, along with other amenities.

Have a look at what our real estate agents have compiled as some of the best restaurants for wine and dinner in Tuscaloosa.

  1. Dillards Chophouse. 2330 4th St, Tuscaloosa
    Widely touted for its exceptionally friendly service, Dillards Chophouse is a high-end steak house, serving Filet Mignon, Prime Delmonico, and Prime New York Strip, among others, as well as Surf and Turf. As you'd expect with a fine dining establishment, Dillards offers an extensive wine menu, plus Wine Wednesdays, with 50 percent off all house wine bottles, and coming soon this year, a monthly wine dinner.

  2. Evangeline's Galleria of Tuscaloosa. 1653 Mcfarland Blvd N, Tuscaloosa
    Evangeline's is known for New American cuisine paired with the perfect wine in a romantic setting. This upscale restaurant aims at artful presentation and exceptional food, along with good service. Seafood — especially the fish, and especially the Sicialian Grouper — is highly recommended. For dessert, the Creme Brulee is likewise good. For appetizers or to share, try Pork and Greens, with fried pork belly, crispy brussels sprouts, balsamic reduction, and parmesan.

  3. Chuck's Fish. 508 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa
    If you like seafood, Chuck's Fish is the place to go. If you love sushi, this is also the place to go. Want a steak? You can get that too. Start your seafood dinner with Seafood Gumbo, followed by Chuck's salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, figs, pecans, bacon, white cheddar, croutons, and creamy vinaigrette; then main entree of Gulf Fish of the Day or Sesame-Seared Tuna. Move on to dessert with Blondie Sundae or White Chocolate Bread Pudding. If you're going for sushi, have a look at the saké offerings.

  4. Reggae Flava. 2322 4th St, Tuscaloosa
    There's a lot to Caribbean cuisine, and Reggae Flava delivers some of those island sensations right to your palate. Start out with a tasty Jamaican Patty, full of spicy meat, and easily eaten in a tender crust. Ever had Curry Goat? We recommend it -- tender goat meat is cooked into a mildly spicy stew. There's also Jerk Chicken, Oxtails, Curry Chicken, and traditional sides such as Rice and Peas, Callaloo (like spinach), and Fried Plantains. Reggae Flava offers a traditional favorite, Red Stripe beer, to wash your food down, but there's also a nice selection of wines if you prefer.

  5. River. 1650 Jack Warner Parkway Unit 1005 A, Tuscaloosa
    Known for great service and excellent food, River consistently gets rave reviews. Start with shared plates — Charcuterie Board, Spring Salad, or Lobster Mushrooms — then move on to the fish, with a choice of Alabama Catfish, Shrimp and Grits, or Salmon, — or try the Prime Ribeye or Fried Chicken. Accompany your meal with a bottle or glass of wine. Check out the happy hour for 20 percent off Rosé bottles, and $5 for a glass of select wine.

These are just five of Tuscaloosa's singular restaurants. Try them all, then venture out on your own and find your family's favorite dining venues.

Got questions about buying or selling a house? Contact us today.

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