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6 Apps for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Home Improvement Apps

If you plan to add your home to the list of Tuscaloosa homes for sale, there might be a few projects that will help you prepare your property for sale. Home improvement projects can be overwhelming for many homeowners; not only do you need to figure out exactly what you want or need to do, but you need to procure materials and schedule labor for the job. Here are a few apps that will help you plan, manage, and execute your home improvement projects. 

  1. Wikihow
    Should you decide to tackle your project on your own, Wikihow will give you the knowledge you need to get the job done. This app is filled with thousands of useful how-to guides for projects of varying complexity levels. Many include diagrams and videos to increase your understanding. You can even use the bookmark feature to save guides that you plan to use later.
  2. IFixIt
    IFixIt is a fantastic resource if your project includes a lot of repairs. Find an applicable guide to assist with diagnosing the problem, gathering the necessary parts, and then completing the repairs. It's easy to search for guides by using the name of the item you're fixing or by searching for the device type. You can even use the IFixIt online store to purchase replacement parts. 
  3. iHandy Carpenter
    iHandy Carpenter transforms your smart device into a set of tools. This app makes it possible for you to use your phone as a ruler, bubble level, surface level, plumb bob, and protractor. Most homeowners keep their phones within reach throughout the day; this app ensures you have the tools you need for your project.
  4. TapPainter
    Our real estate agents find that a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference in the look of your home. TapPainter allows you to take a photo of your room and upload it to the app. The app will then use the room's light and layout to see how various paint colors look in your room. This app offers shades from many of the most popular paint brands, making it easy for you to locate and buy your preferred color. 
  5. Pinterest
    Pinterest is a valuable resource for planning and managing your home improvement project. Create your own project-specific Pinterest board to keep track of all your ideas. You can search on Pinterest for potential projects and ideas, or you may add links that you find on the internet to your project board. The Pinterest app is full of project hacks, decor ideas, and useful tutorials. 
  6. Porch
    Need to bring in a professional for your project? Use Porch to search for insured home improvement pros you can hire for the job. Not sure what kind of pro you need? Schedule a consultation with a Porch representative to help you figure out what kind of professional is right for the job. Professionals are available in every type of home improvement category, including handymen, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and HVAC professionals. 

Want to know what projects will offer the best return for your money? Contact us today for help preparing your home to sell. 


7 Reasons to Move to Tuscaloosa

Move to Tuscaloosa

There are so many reasons people and their families love calling Tuscaloosa home. Thinking about moving to this wonderful Alabama city?

At Hamner Real Estate, we cherish all the features that make Tuscaloosa such a special place to live. Our real estate agents compiled seven compelling reasons why moving to Tuscaloosa is a great idea. 

  1. Low Cost of Living
    Sperling's Best Places gives Tuscaloosa a cost of living index of 87.9, with 100 being the national average. Tuscaloosa homes for sale are extremely affordable, while the city also rates favorably for low cost of groceries and transportation. In addition, a recent article in Forbes lists Tuscaloosa as having the fourth-lowest property tax rate out of 220 metro areas in the U.S. All in all, your dollar goes much further in Tuscaloosa.

  2. Shorter Commute Times
    Few things are more tedious than the commute to and from work. Over the last decade, the one-way commute time in the United States has grown to an average length of 26.4 minutes. In contrast, the average one-way commute time in Tuscaloosa is down to 19.5 minutes, which is a savings of 1.25 hours per week. 

  3. Rich Diversity of Population
    According to Niche, a website that aggregates data on neighborhoods and cities across the country, Tuscaloosa receives a grade of A for demographic diversity. Why is this important? Experts at Purdue University say diversity exposes us to a greater range of experiences, promotes understanding, and makes for a more interesting community. 

  4. Tuscaloosa Riverwalk
    Even if your idea of a workout is power shopping, you'll love spending a day on the pet-friendly Tuscaloosa Riverwalk. The two-lane, well-lit paved trail runs just over four miles along the southern bank of the Black Warrior River. Beautiful woodsy surroundings feature benches, picnic tables, a fenced playground, and a splash pad. 

  5. The University of Alabama
    As the home of the University of Alabama, the oldest and largest public university in the state, Tuscaloosa is one of the more vibrant college towns in the South. UA is recognized as an elite doctoral research university by the Carnegie Foundation while the law, business, nursing, and engineering programs also rank high. Of course, for sports lovers, the Crimson Tide football team is legendary, as are the pregame tailgate parties that take place during fall. 

  6. Kentuck Art Center & Festival
    Named for a word meaning "ideal" or "utopian-like place," Kentuck Art Center is definitely creative nirvana. The center encompasses five buildings housing studios, galleries, and classrooms. Exhibits rotate throughout the year, and workshops in different media are held for all ages.

  7. Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
    The Black Warrior River makes a scenic backdrop for the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, the area's top entertainment venue. For nearly 20 years, the Amphitheater has hosted nationally acclaimed acts across the musical spectrum such as Bob Dylan, Tug McGraw, Willie Nelson, John Legend, and Def Leppard. 

Want to learn more about calling Tuscaloosa home? Contact us today.

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