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Keep Your Living Room Looking Fresh By Avoiding These Trends

Not all design trends are worth the fuss. Here are some living room trends that you should ignore.

You want your living room to make a statement as the showpiece of the home. As the name suggests, a living room is also where you invite company, and maybe even where you and the family spend time, so while eye appeal is important, so is comfort.

As you plan the living room of your dreams in the house you discovered from Tuscaloosa homes for sale, bone up on avoiding some of the most common decorating blunders. Our real estate agents have sourced the wisdom of top design experts to help you avoid mistakes and create the perfect living room for your home.

  1. Avoid magical thinking about your lifestyle.
    No doubt about it: that all-white living room you saw in the magazine at the doctor's office won't seem so appealing once the kids spill their juice on the sofa or Fido gets sick on the chair — never mind the black hair he sheds on the white carpet. You simply have to factor in the kids, the dog, and whatever other messy bit of reality arises. Unless you have a lifestyle that is guaranteed pristine, you're better off going the more practical route, with furnishings that resist the onslaughts of the tribe. Go for dark rugs and easy-to-clean fabrics — maybe even leather, which can hold up to rugrats and their canine allies.

  2. Stylin' is fun, but don't forget comfort.
    We bet you've been in rooms like this: no place to sit but that ancient, oh-so-expensive, hard-as-a-board Victorian sofa, or those minimalist but eye-catching metal and plastic chairs. Looks aren't everything. Building comfort into the home should be part of your design scheme.

  3. Get out the tape measure, and use it.
    You want to create good flow around all the furnishings in your living room, and to do that, you need negative space around the pieces. Be it paintings or artwork, or a coffee table and sofa, they won't look good if they're crammed together. Here's a general rule of thumb: leave 18 inches between the coffee table and sofa; aim for 32 to 36 inches of clearance between adjacent seatings.

  4. Avoid wrong-sized rugs.
    Rugs should fit the rooms they're placed in. A large rug will overwhelm and make the room look smaller; a too-small rug will force you to crowd the furniture too close, leaving the room off balance with the extra empty space. Use painter's tape to mark off the space the rug will take so you can better envision how it will look.

  5. Don't fall for (boring) matching showroom furniture.
    You really don't want your living room to look like a furniture showroom. Sure, it's easier to buy a furniture set, but you can create a unique and curated-looking space if you take time to choose pieces that complement each other.

  6. Don't overlook lighting.
    One of the most unfortunate mistakes you can make is to not include enough lighting in your living room. Add lighting with a table lamp or overhead pendant lamp, so you can read in a comfortable spot. Floor lamps help to anchor larger pieces such as a sofa. Don't feel like rewiring a wall? Add plug-in sconces next to furniture arrangements. If you're building or renovating, put a floor outlet in the middle of the room so you can float furniture, capping pieces with an end table and a lamp.

You can make all the right decorating moves by consulting the experts. Need some advice on whom to call? Contact us today.

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