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Make Your House Spotless With This Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning is here, and we have some pro tips for making the process easy and effective.

It's spring again, and you know what that means — spring cleaning! Time to break out those cleaning supplies and get your home as clean and bright as possible. Whether you're selling soon or just moving into one of the beautiful Tuscaloosa homes for sale, spring is the time to get that deep clean your home deserves. Here's your guide to getting it done.

General tips

  • Start at the top of the room and work your way down. Get higher-up surfaces first and finish with the floors. That way you're not dirtying surfaces you've already cleaned when the dust and dirt fall off.  
  • Divide and conquer. Go room by room to make sure you get everything done. And if the job is too big to accomplish in one day, it will be easier to tell where you left off. This is also good if your family will be helping. You can assign each person to an area.
  • Start with clean cleaning tools. Clean your broom, duster, or dust cloths and vacuum cleaner before you start so you're not making things worse.
  • Do all the windows in every room. Make sure you get them inside and outside and the tracks and window sills too.
  • Include the tasks that don't need to be done often. Certain tasks like cleaning the carpet, cleaning out the trash cans, and wiping down outdoor furniture usually only need to be done a few times a year at most.  Make sure to put them on your list to get that deep clean. Doing these infrequent tasks at spring cleaning also makes it easier to remember when you did them last.
  • Know what surfaces require special care. Stone requires a special pH-neutral cleaner to prevent damage. Cleaners specifically for stainless steel help prevent build up, fingerprints, and scratches. Hardwood floor cleaners are designed to work without exposing the flooring to excessive moisture.


Wipe off of cabinets and appliances. Seal the countertops. Clean the fridge by taking out shelves and drawers and washing them with dish soap and water. Wipe down the inside and the door seals too. Run a cleaning cycle on the dishwasher. Clean the microwave by boiling some water (you can add a little lemon juice or vinegar if you want), the steam makes the cooked on food slide right off.

Living room

Dust ceiling fans, shelves, picture frames and light fixtures. Wipe down walls. Use canned air or the dusting attachment on the vacuum to get dust out of the air vents on electronics. Wash or dry clean curtains and drapes. Clean the carpet or area rugs and floor.


Dust ceiling fans, tops of windows, wall-mounted pictures and light fixtures. Wipe down walls. Wash the pillows and comforters. Vacuum the mattress, then remove spots if necessary and spray with disinfectant to freshen. Clean the carpet or rugs and floor.


Since the bathroom needs to be kept pretty clean anyway, deep cleaning here may be minimal. It's a good time to seal any grout or tile. Tackle any mold or mildew and clean the exhaust fan. Clean shelves, windows, baseboards and floors, making sure to get behind the toilet too.

Spring cleaning can be a big job, but also a satisfying one. And once you're done ,you can show your home off to your friends and family or potential buyers and be proud of a job well done.

Whether you're looking to sell your home or purchase your next one in the Tuscaloosa area, our real estate agents can help. Contact us today to get started!


Enjoy a Tuscaloosa Brew at These Spots

National Beer Day is upon us, and to celebrate, visit these Tuscaloosa breweries to find your new favorite beer.

After an exciting day of exploring Tuscaloosa homes for sale, stop and relax with an ice-cold brew at one of the city's local breweries. Or, celebrate National Beer Day on April 7 with a glass of your favorite brew or try a refreshing glass of something new. Our real estate agents recommend the following spots for a frosty glass of beer.

Black Warrior Brewing Company
Located at 2216 University Blvd. in Tuscaloosa, Black Warrior Brewing Company is situated across from City Hall in the city's downtown region. Black Warrior Brewing Company regularly holds discount nights for their wine and beer, as well as team trivia and bingo nights.

Choose from a variety of beverages to find one that suits your palate. The Apricot Wheat and Bama Blonde Ale are popular with patrons new to the world of craft beer, while the Lock 17 IPA and Blood Orange Double IPA appeal to beer drinkers well-acquainted with various types of beer.

Druid City Brewing Company
Druid City Brewing Company rests at 607 14th Street in the Parkview Center area. It's been in business since 2012 and prides itself as "Tuscaloosa's original craft brewery."

Try the Lamplighter IPA for the perfect mix of hops and floral notes. Or, check out the Downtown North Porter for an after-dinner treat; this malt-based beer includes delicious hints of chocolate and vanilla.

The Druid City Brewing Company is also a great spot for an evening of live music or a couple of hours of brain-teasing trivia.

Loosa Brews Craft Emporium
After a day of touring Northport homes for sale, Loosa Brews Craft Emporium is a lighthearted, refreshing way to end your day. Loosa Brews Craft Emporium is located at 412 20th Avenue in Tuscaloosa.

This brewery includes more than 30 draft beers on tap, including traditional favorites and rare offerings. Spend a couple of hours enjoying the onsight arcade and pinball parlor.

Feeling tired, or just want to enjoy your beer at home? Loosa Brews Craft Emporium offers many of their wine and beer varieties to go.

The World of Beer Bar and Kitchen
The World of Beer Bar and Kitchen Strives to help its customers make memories. Situated at 2107 University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa, this local gem is pet-friendly and offers an extensive menu of pub fare and lunch and dinner entrees.

Pair a German pretzel with your favorite draft, or take in the Truffle burger with your beverage of choice. You can expect periodic new offerings, as The World of Beer Bar and Kitchen rotates its beer offerings. The beer menu includes local favorites and varieties from across the globe.

Looking for a home with more space for entertaining? Contact us today to check out your options!

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